Tips for Hiring the Best PI to Investigate

Before you hire any private detective agency, you need to do some detective work of your own. What have they done to show they are able to go the distance and handle such challenging work? Do they seem easy to communicate with? Do they have reasonable prices? All of this should be points you cover before you hire someone.


What do other people have to say about a particular private detective agency? This is very important because if it isn’t good news there is no reason for you to work with them. Not everyone who offers such a business is providing it well. Find out what the licensing requirements are where you reside. Are they in compliance? If not, you should avoid them.

The longer a private detective agency has been in business, the more enticing it can seem. After all, they wouldn’t still be in business if clients weren’t happy with them. Still, you need to dig deeper and find out who those happy clients are. Read online reviews to help you decide the pros and cons of each potential provider.


Contact those with a strong reputation for further discussion. Most private detective agency owners out there will give you a free consultation. They do so in order to generate more business. They know if you come in and talk, you are more inclined to hire them. This is their opportunity to help you feel at ease and to share what they can do for you.

Pay close attention to their communication style. You don’t want to work with any private detective agency where they don’t listen and they don’t really seem to care what you are up against. They should be patient and listen to your needs. They should ask you questions and then tell you what they can do for you.

Make sure you continue to communicate with your private detective agency too. If you get any new information, share those details. What you learn could be a missing piece to the puzzle of what they are trying to prove or disprove. Keep any documents or photos you get as they may be needed later on as proof of those details.

Fees and Expenses

Should you decide you like their reputation and communication style, you can discuss fees and expenses. These are both part of the private detective agency costs you will incur. They will have fees for hourly services. Sometimes, the types of services they offer can vary in price.

If they have to incur various expenses in order to provide such services, you will be billed for those as well. They should provide you with a detailed billing of what they have done and the cost. This ensures you know where the money they charge you was spent. Keep in mind some cases take far more work and time to complete than others.


Once a private detective agency has some solid proof and information to share with you, they can generate a report. Based on that report, you may feel you have all you need to complete your agreement with them. In other scenarios, you may decide what they have uncovered is grounds for you keep them digging deeper.

Before you hire them, discuss what types of reports they offer. Will they send you one at regular intervals or only when there is substantial information to deliver to you? How will you know they are out there working on your case? Ask all the questions you need to before you hire someone so you can be confident they will get the job done.

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